We are sure you have a myriad of logins, credit card details, passport details, passwords and special phrases written down for dozens of websites, online resources, applications and games. Where do you store them? In a spreadsheet? On paper? Stop! Use our password Key Store. It’s completely free and very safe:

  • Store unlimited login information: user name, password, phrases and details
  • Access it anywhere over the web: desktop or phone or tablet
  • Unlimited business hours’ telephone support
  • Show or hide your passwords
  • Two factor setup authentication
  • Option to hide passwords even from us
  • Set expiry dates and alerts
  • Mobile phone access
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If you use our high security option (where your password data is encrypted even to us), we cannot retrieve your passwords if you lose or forget your master password. However, we can list who you saved passwords for and the user names or email addresses. Often this is enough.