Software Objectives backup provides a simple, personal backup service for your files and databases and zips/copies files to a local storage unit. It can be downloaded and used anywhere and is best suited for files, folders, SQL Server databases and system settings

  • Unlimited usage and unlimited users
  • Works best initiated as a Windows task but can run manually
  • Easy to configure
  • Unlimited business hours’ telephone support
  • Backs up to any UNC path
  • FTP transmission to your offsite FTP server
  • Provides backup notifications and logs

Whilst the free version will be enough for most users there are two additional versions available which offer offsite storage for your backups. Both these versions send their backups to our cloud server for safe keeping and retrieval but all retrieval operations are manually requested. The extended features include:

  • Unlimited retrievals (list of backups available)
  • SO Backup Exec has a 200GB storage limit
  • SO Backup Enterprise has a 500GB storage limit
  • SO Backup DR is a custom built disaster recovery solution
  • Secure FTP access to your storage folder

For Hyper-V and Server or Workstation backups for full disaster recovery solutions, contact us for details on our DR option and how it works.


SO Backup options are priced as follows:

Product Price Inc GST
SO Backup - Local: Free
- Exec (200GB): $20 per month (payable annually) $240
- Enterprise (500GB): $50 per month (payable annually) $600
- DR (1TB customised): $120 per month (payable annually) $1440
Installation Assistance Free